What to pack in your Suitcase for that Oconus PCS.

It is time to start separating for belongings for the impending move. Here is my list of things to take with me in my suitcase and carry on.

– Your important documents (include IDs, wallet, cash, passports, travel information, contact information, copies of Orders, etc.) I may be a little crazy here, but I create a binder where all of this goes in. Also, keep this on your person at all times.
– Personal toiletries
– Medications & small first aid accessories (bandages and the like)
– Clothing for travel and arrival (plan for hotter or cooler weather than you are used to as well as a variety of events such as more formal occasions, swimming, etc.)
– Shoes for travel and arrival (a pair of casual shoes, formal, and utility should do, the rest I feel comfortable sending with the rest of our belongings)
– Entertainment for the trip and arrival until your next shipment comes (books, magazines, toys, laptops, tablets, mp3 players, etc.) If you have a baby, or child with you, be sure to make some more space for their toys as it tends to comfort the littles to have their things with them.
– Chargers for all electronics you are bringing with you (with adapters if needed)
– Valuables you are not shipping or storing
– Any specialized gear you might need (child seats, health-related equipment, things for your pets, etc.)
– Inflatable mattress/sleeping bag pads w/ sheets/blankets. Keep in mind when deciding if you want to take the air mattress with you that there are lending lockers where they can assign you temporary furniture until yours arrives. You may, however, want to make sure you take at least one set of sheets with you.
– Pillows/travel pillows

All of this said and done, most of these things you may be able to buy when you get to your destination. However, with an overseas move, you may have a lot of unexpected expenses so taking as much with you as possible will help.

Good Luck!



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