Tricare Updates

Tricare is changing…. yes again! If you have been with Tricare for over the past ten years hearing there is some new change is nothing… well, new. It seems something happens every couple of years.

So what is new now? We now will have new regions. No more North, South, and West. That is right! If you are part of the West region, nothing has changed. If you were in North or South area, you are now part of the new East region. That is right; now there will only be two coverage regions within the United States, East, and West. This is good for one big reason unless you transfer from east to west coast or vice-versa then your region stays the same, and it is one less thing you have to worry about.

What else is new? New plans. Now Tricare Standard and Tricare Extra will become the new Tricare Select plan. There are some minimal changes to the plans, including prime which you can find out more about here.

Are there more changes? Probably, but these are the BIG changes going on.

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