Household goods shipment (HHG)

So your express shipment has left, and your luggage is packed (maybe), so al that is left is your HHG shipment.

Oh sure it’s easy to say (write), but getting to that point is a whole different story. Here is my basic outline of what goes in your HHG shipment.

– Small kitchen appliances
– All the rest of your cooking gear (specialized pans, etc.)
– The rest of your plates, dishes, silverware, etc
– The rest of your clothes
– Extra blankets, pillows, and sheets
– Extra towels
– Large Furniture (chairs, couches, loveseat, etc.)
– Sports/exercise gear (the big stuff)
-Guest bed
– Desks
– decorations & artwork
– dining table & chairs
– bookshelves
– The rest of your games, entertainment, electronics, etc

Ok, so this shipment is probably the easiest thing you will do in your whole process of PCS’ing. Everything that didn’t meet the cut for express shipment or your luggage goes here. So if you are just reading this to get an idea, remember while hectic now it will all fall into place. For those of you already here, take a seat, breath in and out slowly, and have a drink. You are one step closer to being in your new home, and most of the stress (should be) is gone.

Best of luck on your move!



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