Express shipment for OCONUS PCS

So that day has come, it is time to decide what to pack for your express shipment. The main question is, what can’t you live without? While you may want to say everything, you may have to narrow it down a bit. Here is my list of musts for express shipment.

– Plates, silverware, and dishes. Ok, this is more of personal preference. Realistically you could always go to the commissary and get disposable plates, cups, and silverware.
– Some pots and pans. Don’t take all now, you will still be living in your home for a bit so send maybe one pan and one pot to help you get started in your next location.
– Some Mugs, cups, and glasses.
– A few Bath towels. Oh sure, you could buy more, but it is an expense that can be prevented.
– A few sets of sheets & blankets. Very important, especially if you are using loaner furniture. This will help make your place feel more like your own.
– Kitchen towels & pot holders
– Kitchen necessities (Wine bottle opener, bottle opener, can opener, sharp knife or two, etc.)
– A mop/broom/vacuum. You will want to clean sooner rather than later.
– Mattresses w/ accessories (pad, box spring). This is one of those things you can hold off on if you are ok with using the loaner furniture for a bit longer.
– Folding chairs, small tables (until your other stuff arrives)
– Small, simple tool set (hammer, pliers, etc.)
– Sports or exercise gear or baby toys and furniture. Won’t normally have space for both, so it’s time to choose which you will pick.
– Coffee maker. In my household, this is very important.
– TV, you want to take at least one. Especially if you have littles.
– Desktop Computer w/ accessories (cords, printer, etc.)


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