Unofficial Orders

This is actually happening, it really is. The detailer has contacted my husband, who was needs of the Navy, and told him we are being sent to JAPAN! How does this even happen! Here I thought worst case scenario was being sent to the west coast while all our friends and family stayed on the east coast. This is officially WORST CASE SCENARIO.

So what is next for our little family, well time to go insane and maybe puke a bit for starters. Once I can wrap my mind around the fact that we are going abroad, it is time to start some pre-orders prep. Having an infant was already making our PCS difficult. Having an infant and having to PCS overseas is now making everything almost impossible for me.

First off, personal passports for my infant. I also need to research some information on how to get our two cats overseas. I promise a blog post on that ordeal overall. Do a little Japan research, and continue to freak. Especially since we are only 5 months away from our move without an official order. Oy!

Stay tuned!