When nothing starts as planned….

So we just got our hard copy orders….finally. In my head everything would go so smoothly and as planned. We’d get our orders, be able to schedule the movers, hotel and touch base with housing no problem. I also imagined we’d be able to set our flight, get our pets booked on there and all I’d have left to worry about was cleaning up our house and re-painting it to turn it in.

Well, life seldom goes as planned, especially in the military and when you are the mother to a baby.

Like I said we got our order, then I asked about the hotel since it is one of my bigger concerns. Where we are being stationed, they only have a limited amount of rooms that are pet accessible, and we have two cats. I would hate to board them. Well, as you know orders give you a detach and arrive no later than a date with some time in between. And we can’t set apart a hotel until we know when we arrive, which we won’t know until we have a flight because we are stationing overseas. So I ask my loving husband how do we get the flight…. and he doesn’t know, he needs to “look into it.” So here we go, bump number one and two all at once.

Ok, I breathe and let that go. So on to the next on my list. Well third since the flight situation was next, and well, that got nowhere before I was even able to discuss it. Housing. I know were not there but figured hey, let’s at least send in our application, they know we’re coming, and with pets so at least we’re in the back of their mind. So I pull up the housing application, and it asks a bunch of questions I can’t answer regarding detaching and arriving dates. Sigh.

I was going to tackle the movers but let my husband do that one, which we learned we’re going to have to talk to someone in person. We are navy being stationed in a Marine base overseas, and our future base is not in our little drop down menu box. So, that was a no go either.

Did I mention throughout all of this I was carrying a ten-month-old who was screaming bloody murder? I was, and he had a clean diaper and was fed, but was sleepy. I don’t know if I have the only child that thinks that he doesn’t need sleep but, putting him down for the night usually includes rocking him, ignoring him, letting him play, and just laying in the dark until he is cried out and finally passes out of exhaustion.

This was my night yesterday. Futile and tiresome. But at least now we know we need to get some more information, reach out to a few people and hopefully get to that place where I imagined myself all along. Just needing to paint and turn in the house.

If you find yourself here too, know you are not alone. You aren’t the only one banging your head against the wall at military websites, or with bags under your eyes, or the only one with a child that you question where on earth he was spawned from. I am right here with you.

Much luck to you!


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