Whats in a Care Package?

The famous care package. I hate that word, why? Well, it usually goes accompanied with the dreaded “D” word, Deployment. But none the less, it is an imperative thing, and if this is your first time with a deployed loved one, you may have many questions.

The question I get asked the most is how often they should be sending a package. I like sending a box every other month. Of course, this all depends on the length of the deployment as well. If they are on a four-month deployment, I would probably just send one box instead of two.

As for when should, the first box be sent, considering that you can never know exactly how long the mail will take to get there, I like sending the first package by the end of the first week that they leave. My husband is Navy and when deployed that means being on a ship in the middle of nowhere. So mail can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to get to him.

Now for the good stuff, what goes in the box?

– Well, there is the basic, like underwear. Yes, i send underwear every package because I have heard horror stories of the laundry room, so my husband gladly tosses the ones he has and uses the new ones.
– Shampoo. Sure they sell stuff on the ship (or base, depending on your situation) but many times the things they sell are essentials, and maybe your package receiver has a specific unique brand they prefer.
– Undershirts
– Socks
– Then it’s the special and unique things that personalize each box. For my husband it is Mio. You know those little squirt bottles that flavored water. I send ten at a time, and he shares with his shipmates that don’t receive packages frequently.
– Takis, if you’ve never had them think spicy cheese but better. A must for him.
– Peanut butter M&M’s. Can he get them on the boat? Sure they are basic enough BUT its easier for me to send him a big bag than him having to buy smaller bags regularly.

So it all comes down to personalization with a few necessities. Find out what your service member needs, and add a few things they might like and would put a smile on their face.

Have tips or ideas for a blog post. Message me, and I may just make a post devoted to your questions or ideas!

Happy Shipping!



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