Overseas Medical Clearance

So the good news is, that if you are reading this, you now have a letter of intent to go to your overseas station. Welcome to the chaos that will be your life until you get to your new home. My hope is that I can help you out enough where things will be easier for you than they were for me.

Let me start by saying each and every case is different, especially so depending on the military branch you belong to. We are Navy, and while you may or may not be this should still serve as a basic guideline for you.

Your first step will be getting the paperwork for the overseas screening. In our case, we had to pick up a packet, fill it and then it was entered into a computer system. Only once that had been completed did we get scheduled for our appointments. Depending on how busy your medical is, your appointment may be scheduled for a few weeks off. Keep in mind that from the moment your service member receives the letter of intent they have 30 days to do their screening, and the dependants have 90. So do not panic when your hear your service member’s appointment is four weeks before your own.

If you are completely cleared by your installation with no medical “issues,” then the process is very easy and straight forward from there with nothing more for you to do on your part. However, should there be something in your record, i.e., depression, thyroid things like that, your medical packet will be sent to the overseas installation to be reviewed. At that point it is a case by case scenario and what capabilities they have to treat you.

For pregnancy, it depends on where you are going. For example, I am going to Iwakuni Japan; they have become more strict as of late and only medically clear women who will be in either their first or second trimester when arriving. If you are in your third trimester at the time of arrival, you will be rejected for clearance and would need to travel at a later date. As for if your service member gets extended at the current command or they leave before you, i do not know. I believe that too would be a case by case scenario and something that should be brought up as quickly as possible.

Dental: This aspect is much easier. Minor things like cleanings and fillings can be done overseas where the dental provider will clear you. If an extraction is needed, they may ask for it to be done stateside before departure.

Have a specific question or concern I did not cover? Please feel free to message me, and I will get the answers and either respond to you directly or write a new post on it.

Good Luck!



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